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1, 3, or 5 social media posts of the featured product or brand in the agreed partnership. Post(s) will aim to include requested hashtags, talking points, product details, or other special requests. In addition to the post in the feed, this package includes at least 1 story feature and 1 unboxing video.

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Sometimes your brain can go on overdrive and no one wants to host anxiety at their dinner table. That’s why I love turning to natural plant solutions, like Tonic CBD OG. The hemp extract + adaptogenic ashwagandha root work together to make maaaagic happen. 
Products with CBD oil help to naturally combat anxiety, insomnia, and reduce inflammation, while adaptogens, like ashwagandha, can help with hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, and can actually help your body’s overall resilience by boosting your immune system. A total freakin’ win. Pretty much the definition of #PLANTPOWERED

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Marvin Stench  

In the journey to optimal health, emotional wellness is vital as well. Seeking emotional wellness leads to self-awareness and self-love. As a holistic nutritionist and health coach for both children and teens, I see the effects that bullying and negative body image can have on individuals all too often. Marvin Stench provides such a refreshing story about how incredible it can be to love ourselves and recognize that standing up for what's right can get you far in life. This book is an awesome way to put a smile on your face, no matter your age group.

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Blue Light Glasses

Working remotely and being on a computer or tablet all day has me constantly staring at a screen. This exposure to blue light can have detrimental effects on our body's natural clock by suppressing the melatonin release that is supposed to happen for bedtime. This can also interrupt the individual "clocks" that dictate function in our organs. 

Enter: clear lens glasses with blue digital screen protection. They are non-prescriptive with blue light filters that can help decrease exposure to this harmful artificial blue light + help take some stress off your eyes. Want to try a pair? Click here! 👓

Nutrition Plans

One Day Cleansing Meal Plan

Jump-start your healthy eating with one day of completely cleansing and detoxifying. Eat real food while preparing your body for optimal health. Includes a detailed full-day meal plan and tips for detoxifying your body. 

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Leaky Gut Nutritional Plan
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Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

A meal plan to help you re-balance your body, kick cravings, and gain your energy back 


-a full day of cleansing foods and drinks (real, whole foods)

-5 day full meal plan 

-Recipes to cook using whole foods 

-Healthy tips to staying on track and saving time

Plan to receive your plan within one week of purchase. 

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